I am a Disruptive Fashion Lover

Lecturing at Ryerson University Toronto

Having written about my disruptive behaviour in i-D Online, this stance has now become a popular subject for talks in universities and corporates.

It is also to become a book, which will use the two years of research from my Master’s: Applied Psychology in Fashion.

What I mean by the term Disruptive Fashion Lover is that we can critique and change the fashion industry we support. As a feminist who loves clothes and believes in the power of image to influence how people read us and how we feel about ourselves, I have always brought fashion into my life on my terms.

And as many of the projects on this site will testify, I work for companies and brands who want to engage authentically with the end user in a pro-social way.

Using my psychology knowledge, I can now engage with a variety of thinkers and activists to challenge fashion behaviours and process. After all...you gotta love something enough, to care about making it better.

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