Body confidence when you shop like a stylist

I gave a talk recently on how to shop like a stylist and understand which garments will flatter your body shape.

It was an event for Telegraph readers and sponsored by Dove to celebrate the launch of the Women of Wisdom project which I'm delighted to say I was part of.

Think like a stylist

Think like a stylist

We had fun my ladies and I as we laughed in the face of age-stereotypes, quaffing champagne and posing under a delphinium chandelier.

The purpose of the event was to celebrate feeling and looking great, which is why I am posting the links to your body-shape ebooks I said I would after our conversations on shape. It seems that many of you would like some guidance and are still looking for great fit.

Be my guest...There are pages and pages of advice given from my 34 years of styling know-how in your free downloadable personal body shape ebook. Jane and I created these by popular demand ages ago after one of our body confidence shows. We know they are effective as the testimonials below show and that's why we have kept them all these years.

So whether you are standard height, petite, tall or curvaceous or have slender, hourglass, pear shaped, top heavy or apple shaped frame, I’ve covered it off for you.

“I used to try on tons of clothes before finding “the one.” And “the one” most of the time ended up in my closet for years. Yesterday I read your free book (I’m petite apple) and shopped with it, and ended up with better odds (brought home about 12 things and 6 things fit!). My wallet might be groaning but I’m super excited about this new found knowledge about clothing. Big thank you!”– Tyna

“Your free e-book has changed my life. My hubby watched the Superbowl; I was engrossed in your e-book, soaking up every word as though I had just awakened as a woman!”– Bev

“Thank you for your help. I downloaded your free fuller pear shaped e-book and in just a couple of weeks, I have received so many compliments. The best, being a neighbour who usually says hello to me, but the other day she stopped me to say how much my image has changed recently, and how good I look. I couldn’t have done it without your help. Thank you so very much”– Roz

“Dear Caryn, I have now had the chance to read through 40+, and WOW it’s just what I wanted to know. It reflects the confidence I already feel, but adds valuable and superb tools for taking it on to another level. I knew in theory how to dress (but practice lagged behind), now Caryn’s tools have given me direction and a holistic view, which I haven’t had for a while. And thank you, THANK YOU for valuing grey and silver hair. It can be such a big style and confidence statement for sophisticated women when handled well. Hoorah for common sense and vision together. I love this e-book. Thank you!”– Gina

“I really like the holistic values underpinning your approach to style and femininity, as well as your writing style – warm, friendly, non-patronising, and honest. It’s immensely refreshing.”
– Eva

“Your Ageless Style book should be handed out on the NHS, instead of pills and HRT. It’s a real tonic for anyone 40+ who’s struggling to maintain dignity and pride, in this youth/thin obsessed society. I really applaud your stance on beauty, Caryn, really intelligent writing and really helpful tips. Your insight into shopping and emotions on was brilliant. Recommended reading!”– Lisa

The e-book is so well-written that I find it hard to believe that it’s free… even if it wasn’t, I’d happily purchase it as it’s a great companion to my sewing books. Thank you for sharing your precious knowledge– I’m a fan!

I’m currently reading – Petite & Pear, and really loving it. I’ve always had trouble finding fashion advice for my body shape, as it usually focuses on one or the other. As a sewist, I believe that sewists have the same problems in selecting sewing patterns as people who purchase garments off the rack– a dress always looks good on a model, and we’re heavily swayed by the model’s photograph instead of asking the right questions, ie “Will this dress flatter MY body shape?” I’m on an ongoing mission to build and sew a capsule wardrobe, and your e-book is extremely helpful in helping me decide what sewing patterns to draft beforehand– it’s no fun to sew up a garment only to try it on hours later to see that it’s visually accentuating the wrong! – Ching

I have never written in to anything like this before, but am so grateful for the advice you give in your book that I felt I had to! I am 34, 6.1ft and a size 8-10. I used to be quite adventurous with what I wore, but since having children 6 years ago I have really struggled to find ‘my style’ I feel so conscious of trying to look good, whilst also feeling that I shouldn’t be too trendy/fashionable as I’m a mum and don’t want to look like mutton dressed as lamb. I live in skinny jeans and a selection of grey or blue tops and end up feeling boring and frumpy. All this on top of the problem of actually finding anything to fit all 6.1ft of me in the first place.
Your book has given me the confidence to have a look at my wardrobe and try to make a break from the grey and blue.Thanks again for taking the time to write and share, it really is appreciated. – Tiffanie
I’ve just finished reading “ageless style” along with “body shape”. Found both e-books very enjoyable and; insightful reads. I enjoy fashion & style but was starting to feel overwhelmed, daunted even, by my advancing years & changing body. Your books have given me the confidence to take pleasure in my body & style. Age is to be celebrated & enjoyed, not hidden away and covered up. Thank-you, not just for writing them but also providing free access to everyone. Best Wishes – Arabella

I just came across your website and love love love the ebooks! Over the last 18 months I’ve gained a lot of weight and stopped dressing funky because I feel that a big body like this doesn’t deserve to dress fashionably but now I feel more hopeful  – Joy

The Ageless Style feature on your site has been truly inspirational. Thank you so much for your great attitude and relentless effort towards changing set views about how an older woman should look. With gratitude and best wishes – Agata

First of all, I absolutely love your ebook!  My daughter and I have been pouring over it for the last week.  My daughter is nineteen years old and standard curvy, I am not.  Because our body types are so different, (and frankly, because I am her mom), it has been hard for me to convince her that some “popular” teen trends don’t work for her body type, (i.e. short shorts, short tops, skinny jeans without appropriate longish tops).  I work hard to be delicate and have tried to ignore her choices, but it has been a struggle. Your book has been ideal, providing much needed guidance and in no way passes judgment on her not being “slender.” Thank you again – Heather

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