Yes, A proper diversity shift is here

With Vogue UK editor Edward Enniful's announcement that he will feature all different colours, shapes, ages, genders and religions I am THRILLED.

As his cover lines show he has created a diverse list of contributors and that is a joy to see.

But press stories feed on discontent not harmony. Lupita Nyong'o has let it be known she is not happy with her cover shot, this time in Grazia (also flying the flag for diversity) due to the post production on her hair which changes the style and shape of it.

I've already been asked for a quote. So I saying...

"We cannot let first and early steps in the production of inclusive imagery create division. This is not a binary of right and wrong but a massive shift towards better representation in front of and BEHIND the camera. This is an acknowledgment that the old system was broken and uncool. All of us have a lot to learn and if we can go forward together truly learning…really listening and learning.... to respect and celebrate all difference, then that is the best definition of cool there is."

Let's stick together and make change happen. I'm posting an image I art directed and styled nearly 30 years ago as fashion editor of i-D Magazine. My message then, that superheroes come in all skin tones! My desire to be inclusive - the same as Edward also a former i-D fashion editor.

i-D Issue 63 circa late 80s. The Heroes and Sheroes issue. Styling Caryn Franklin, Suit Vivienne Westwood

Over and out. After decades of exclusion for all but the thin white fashion teen, things may take time to fall into place. This is 2017 and after a long time as an agitator,  this diversity visionary has gone to celebrate.

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