Since my beginning at i-D Magazine as fashion editor in the early eighties, I've had the opportunity to ponder fashion in front of the camera. Some of my posts spanned a lifetime - well 12 years in the saddle for the BBC's Clothes Show to national audiences of 13m every week and up to 156m through BBC World Service is practically a permanent global residency in Telly World.

Of course none of it back then was digital. Ha! A good thing I think. There's always my recollections of those heady days in archive and this list below of shows I've gathered since.

This year I have been an Oxfam ambassador helping to carry news of their wastesaver unit in Yorkshire on programmes like Sky News


Newsnight's Emily Maitliss and I chatting about predatory fashion photographers - this time Testino

See Link

A trawl through my wardrobe for Fashioned Films. See Link

Caryn and Kirsty Newsnight

BBC2 Newsnight with Kirsty Young March 2016. Grey Hair is escalated to Newsnight no less! The Personal is Political as always. See Link

Caryn 5 News

5 News Feb 2016. The latest research on Grey Hair might mean we can screen out the genes and remain our natural colour. What do I think? its a great chance to sneak in some stealth feminism that's what I think! See Link


Caryn 2016 BBC show

BBC2 Back in Time for the Weekend: The Eighties Feb 2016. More uncovered archive from me in the 80s included in this...someone has a secret stash and its not me.  Link


i-D Body Image

i-D Online Dec 2015. Can fashion designers affect the body confidence of young women? Here's what I think Link


Vogue Documentary Sept 2015: Alexa Chung and I chat in no small way about the importance of fashion's messaging around body image. And OMG they unearthed some old Clothes Show Footage of me in late 80s. LOL


M&S Trend Showcase: Just like Clothes Show days...I'm taking you through the trends at London Fashion Week

Channel 4 News: Predatory Fashion Photographer Terry Richardson report. I'm rehearsed by legal and told there are several Oxford Dictionary words I can't say.

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Bloomberg TV: Luxury Markets. Fashion is a narrative...really.

Caryn Franklin Show Studio Prosthetics

Show Studio: In Conversation about a fashion concept of course. Play.

Sky News: In support of Jo Swinson's Body Confidence Campaign Play

2005 - onwards. Channel 5. The Wright Stuff. I make semi-regular appearances. Matthew Wright is a generous host. True.

2007 - 2008. BBC Style. Shine TV. The All New Clothes Show. Host. The best fun because co-presenter Brendan Courtney was never not hilarious.

1998 - 2006. ITV. GMTV. A regular fashion contributor of course. Lorraine and I would chew the fat especially on body image issues and lack of sizing to serve the larger sizes.

2003: BBC2. October Films. Agnes B. A personal tribute. A one hour authored and narrated film on the french designer whose simple styles are infused with a bigger picture vision of activism and arts patronage.

1998-2002. ITV.Talent TV. A Fashion Tribute. Host and Producer for four consecutive high end awards evenings and documentary for ITV on an enigmatic fashion type. I launched this with Moet and Chandon and worked my fingers to the bone making it happen. We featured Vivienne Westwood  Philip Treacy and Matthew Williamson. Fashion Targets Breast Cancer and all the stars who support this important cause also got a documentary.

1998-2001: ITV. This Morning. Fashion expert. Popping up regularly to style delightful women and eat cake in the green room.

1998-2001: Granada. Lifetime. Host. Live 90 minute daytime TV show

1998-2001: Granada. Wellwoman. Host. Live 60 minute daytime TV show on health and female issues - physical and mental.

1998: Discovery. Style Academy. Host. Make over but we didn't make our ladies strip off to bare breasts Gok! or upset them and make them cry Susannah and Trinny. Just wholesome feel good fashion.

1998: Granada: Style Bible x 6. HostMagazine show featuring guess what...

1997: BB1: Tracks x 6. Reporter yes a fashion reporter can look at nature and spirituality too. A memorable trip to the Isle of Mull to sight Whales had Alexander McQueen more excited than most!

1997: BBC2. The Frock and Roll Years x 6. Host. Magazine show. A favourite of mine - we took a current trend and dissected it, looking at socio-economic and cultural input as well as designer intention.

1996-1999: BBC1. Style Challenge x 39. Host. Make Over transformation show 1.2m viewers daily. Cult viewing I'm told.

1986 -1992: BBC1. Good Morning Britain. Regular fashion correspondent

1986-1998: BBC1. The Clothes Show x 26 annually for 12 years. Host. 12 million viewers every Sunday tea-time and up to 157m viewers world wide as part of the BBC's World Service reach. And let's not forget Clothes Show Live. A consumer show so large in it's day, we had queues round the block. John Galliano told me because of the Clothes Show, he could have a conversation with every London Cabbie who not only knew who he was, but had an opinion about fashion! Success indeed. See Archive.

1986: Channel 4. Network 7 x 6. Fashion Editor. I was behind the scenes on this one creating an early set of fashion features promoting current London Fashion designers. Fun if only the photographer would have played the game!

1986: Channel 4. The TUBE. Regular guest, travelling my choice of new fashion names on the train to Newcastle for the live evening show with Paula Yates and Jools Holland. Entertaining! And that was just the journey up there.

1984-86: Channel 4. South of Watford. Residency for frequent commentary on street fashion.

1984: Channel 4. SWANK x 6. Researcher/Presenter.  Never was a fashion show more aptly named. I started off as researcher but found a sneaky way of getting in front of the camera. A penchant for wearing condoms in my bowler, it was always going to come to no good See Archive!

!983-86: Music Box TV. Music Box at London Fashion Week. Backstage interviewing of designers after the shows. Jasper Conran's first catwalk event - not sure who was more nervous - him or me.

1983: Music Box TV. Total Access. As fashion editor of i-D Magazine. I produced my first fashion show as part of Terry Jones master plan show fashion for everyone. Emerging designers got star billing for this cable channel. Stephen Linnard, Alice Rycroft and others. Hmm fashion on TV now there's an idea!


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