Georgina Goodman tells the truth

A story about shoes and much more

I recently interviewed shoe-designer Georgina Goodman for the Style Bible that is i-D Magazine and despite having known her as a friend for 30 years, there were things I still had to learn.

The talent, which took her to the very top-tier of shoe design in the fashion industry was always in evidence; she was McQueen's footwear designer for many years.

It was a gentle strength born out of struggle that inspired me however, revealing that tenacity and belief is a crucial pre-requisite for recovery of any kind.

Georgina Goodman's magical studio

Georgina Goodman's magical studio

I hope her story helps all young creatives to prepare for the journey in fashion. Georgina's honesty about the way the industry works could leave no one in any doubt about the GRIT that must accompany skill and creativity.

Ready to begin again with the latest collection, and a couture range in development as well as a 'pre-tail shopping concept to launch alongside the designs, she is stronger than ever.

She say's she is a Phoenix from the ashes and I say she is one hell of a woman. Read full feature here

Georgina Goodman tells the truth

Georgina Goodman tells the truth about fashion

And if you are a sample size 37, shop direct from Georgina Goodman archive (you lucky thing).


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