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Cognitive Loading

Now that I am trying to cram in 35 hours or so study and lecture into my week, I'm beginning to understand the meaning of cognitive loading.

Group work 'in the field.'

Group work 'in the field,' with my learned colleagues

The fact of the matter is, I'm rushing to catch up on a whole range of psychology topics in order to progress my study of body image and self esteem at MSc level.

I'm loving the group and the learning at London College of Fashion, and of course the fact that as the oldest student in the building, I am the novelty tribal elder.

I've got a large pile of books that I'm wading through and my brain is on fire with the excitement of learning something new. Dr Carolyn Mair my course director is mentoring my clumsy endeavours at research and academic writing with patience. I might be able to zip through a piece for i-D or Elle, but an abstract for the British Psychological Society recently put the wind right up me!

I read that this new wiring of circuitry is especially good for brain agility and fitness. I might be sitting on my arse for long hours writing about synapses and personality traits, but even if the body is stiff and cranky, the brain is doing the equivalent of a daily gymnastics work out! All good then.

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