Fashion Fights Back

April 2016 and we celebrate 20 years of Fashion Targets Breast Cancer fundraising. And I'm proud to unite with entire industry to prioritise women's health.

It's been an amazing campaign and Amanda Wakeley OBE and I have co-chaired it since the beginning. The results of fundraising over two decades has meant that we helped to build and maintain Britain's first ever dedicated breast cancer research centre and staff it with world class scientists.

I always say it but this is a testament to the power of fashion and the generosity of people inside fashion. And now that FTBC has become a campaign under the umbrella of the larger Breast Cancer Now organisation, things are going from strength to strength.

I've enjoyed a little trip down memory lane this morning, some times people come together in amazing ways. too many to mention for fear of missing out important names but everyone who has done their bit will know they are included in my thank you as co chair at the end of this page.


Kate Moss

Kate Moss has been a regular supporter of Fashion Targets Breast Cancer. It's the commitment of the top names in the fashion world that have raised millions

Kate Moss 1996

Love this picture of Kate Moss to launch the very first campaign in 1996

Montage FTBC

Many women have jumped at the chance to be photographed as part of this iconic campaign including Naomi Campbell who as well as launching the campaign with Kate Moss, is also heading up the 20th Anniversary launch.


Caryn FTBC taxi

The target has adorned taxis


Caryn FTBC Bottles

Drinks bottles



Even cupcakes


Portrait caryn FTBC orange

And me! this one looks like circa 2006 and below we all gathered to have our photo take with Prince Charles upon the announcement that he would be our patron. He is no doubt chatting about the latest trends to me in this pic.

RH DPS yellow Ts LH of DPS Yellow TsTestimonial CF FTBC

It's even an interesting marker of time for my daughters who have both done their bit.

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer Promotions with Mateda

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer Promotions with Mateda then 23!

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