Jean Brooks wears Neha Bushan

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Caryn Franklin and Jean Brooks at  Graduate Fashion Week

At Graduate Fashion Week this week, I was opening the Arts University College Bournemouth, fashion show and was delighted to meet Jean Brooks backstage waiting to take a spin down the runway.

Yes it was SHE of Fabulous Fashionista's fame, the Channel 4 smash hit that was screened ultra late at the beginning of the year, because it was thought it wouldn't find a big audience. Fail!

Jean Brooks wears Neha Bushan

I had to stop and admire her amazing look - one of the garments in a n opening collection by 3rd year graduate Neha Bushan. We chatted some, Jean was delighted she had been given a comfy shoe to wear for her debut runway modelling experience and I was equally delighted she had been selected to showcase such a cool look.

The really noticeable thing was that all the young models and female dressers we fascinated by her. "Yes ,"said Jean, "it helps them to see that you don't loose interest when you get to my age."

As you know the All Walks Beyond the Catwalk  initiative I run with Debra Bourne and Erin O'Connor has encouraged the next generation to work with all bodies and these are the live and direct results! Great women like Jean who at 77 shops in Topshop, loves fashion but more importantly loves life and is an inspiration for all women. Do you hear that retailers stuck on promoting streamlined teens with over airbrushed skin and bodies. All WOMEN.

I did my opening intro and reminded everyone all bodies deserve that great fashion design. Bournemouth  under the tutelage of the amazing Anne Chaisty, are leading the way doncha you know.

Jean Brooks Modelling for The Arts University College Bournemouth

Jean wasn't the only one strutting her funky stuff!

The Arts University College Bournemouth graduate collection

Don't you love frocks that speak words of wisdom?

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Lizzie Atkins dresses dapper David Gant



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