Foxy Kirsty Wark – Going Grey Makes the News

Kirsty and Caryn

I love Kirsty's grey wig but I can see she is not so sure


There has been a flurry of activity recently around The Politics of Ageing. I had no sooner written a piece for the Telegraph on going happily grey, than the telephone began ringing off the hook for calls to talk about it on the News.

First Channel 5, then BBC World News than BBC Newsnight no less and with Kirsty Wark.

Caryn and Kirsty Newsnight

Tea and image politics

Behind our fun pics together is a serious point that needs to be made over and over - not to be confused with (make-over).

I chose to do it here in a national newspaper, but in fewer words, grey is a political issue because we have been groomed to hold on to the badge of youth at any cost.

We wear our wisdom and experience of life in our silver tresses and those of us who WANT to go grey are simply illustrating our status. No need to feel under pressure to stop dying it's your privilege to do as you wish reader.

What I will say is with the recent trend of so many young women opting for grey, there's now a cool factor on top of the glorious relief that freedom from hair dying brings.

That's almost as nice as a big slice of CAKE!

Caryn 5 News

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