Caryn Franklin wears No More Page three T shirt

No More Page Three

I've been following these top women on twitter and they have amassed a huge following. No More Page Three, does what is say's on the can.

Rupert Murdoch can say what he likes to justify the rank objectification of women as sexually available tittie tottie, within a 'news,' context but we all know intelligent mammals wouldn't even use The Sun to clean their windows - no transparency AND nasty smears!

Any way I love a banner headline t-shirt, the chance to speak without opening my mouth - and...monochrome, so all my boxes were effectively ticked when I ordered my NMPT T-shirt from the site. But wait...a quick photie to promote the cause and send to the NMPT online gallery is needed.

Luckily I was shooting with SHOWStudio the next day so asked top photographer Nick Knight to take a phone pic of me. He gracefully complied. It rather reminds me of the good old days circa 85 when Katharine Hamnett was doing her best oversized T-shirts statements in silk. I saved up for one back then and still have it. Fashion is a brilliant carrier of messages. This one is a keeper too. Here I am giving it some attitude.

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