Caryn Franklin Sizing Up Britain The Future of Fit

Sizing Up Britain

I've been working for 18 months on a brand new exciting initiative which will take the guess work out of all the fit issues you ever had!

Sizing up Britain the Future of Fit is coming this September. You are crying out for a more effective and enjoyable shopping experience when you visit your fave store aren't you? Wonderful clothes, exciting designs colours and textures make you want to buy but after several try-on sessions with nothing fitting... you get FED UP doncha!


Caryn Franklin Sizing Up Britain The Future of Fit


What if I told you, your mobile phone holds the key, that is, after you have had your body scanned by the Bodymetrics scanner. Yup within minutes and 200 unique measurements later, you have a personalised reading delivered to your phone which talks to retailers via a digital language using their sizing data and matching it to yours and then flagging up which garments in which store will fit you perfectly.

It's coming, Drapers my fave industry read have covered our project today and you can read more on the site about the process here.


Caryn Franklin Drapers feature on Sizing up Britain



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