Cakes staring in Little Mistress Ad shot by Brilliant Productions


Spring summer 2014 - what all the best cakes are wearing

I'm always happy when I can work with my two favourite things. CAKE and clothes.

So blow me down if last week didn't offer the perfect opportunity for fun when my partner Jane Galpin and I were invited to pitch an ad campaign idea for a special occasion wear brand.

The party theme begun and the prize in sight, we constructed a lavish scene in a Hackney location house to resemble an Alice in Wonderland setting where designer creme puffs, meringues, cupcakes and all manner of baked goods were Queen.

Caryns Cakes 2


Between towering cakes and the odd exploding pinatas with accompanying hazard assessment forms on the likelihood of wayward confetti to mortally injure anyone on set, we shot our first ad for Little Mistress.

Our model Alejandra Welsh, delivered a heady concoction of pure mischief, party spirit and lashings of elegance. Our brief to her was "do not seek anyone's approval for being you. Look straight to camera and enjoy all that you are."

She did an amazing job which I'm looking forward to watching back in next week's edit at my favourite facilities house The Farm in Soho. I'l be taking in some fancy buns for elevensies too. I've got plenty left!


Cakes staring in Little Mistress Ad shot by Brilliant Productions


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