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Alex Box Inspires

Alex Box Inspires in her TEDTalk

Renowned make-up artist Alex Box and I, had long overdue 4-hour coffee last week. We tweet on a regular basis too, sharing 'LOLS' as we are mistaken for each other so regularly that it has become a big thing of mirth.

Looks (long pointy face - monochrome streaked hair) aside, this woman is a soul mate and a younger fashion sister. Her work towards celebrating individuality and encouraging conversation around the importance of being visible, being proud and BEING A ONE OFF is vitally life enhancing.

Effortlessly high art and gracefully commercial too, her enlightened approach is apparent in the projects she chooses and the make up company Illamasqua co-founded by her 10 years ago for those seeking something a little more DIVA than demure has become a beacon of industry idiosyncrasy.

Put simply, I am comforted, knowing she is out there expanding fashion's remit to bolster positive self-esteem by showcasing inspiring and uplifting images of human beauty. In her hands...make up is a powerful tool.

Joy then...that she has done her own TEDTalk: She tells her story of creativity with passion and insight here

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