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Caryn Franklin : Rules of The Rails? I'd always plump for no rules

Caryn Franklin : Rules of The Rails - I'll always plump for no rules thanks!

Well... I have been thinking about it for many years and of course I've honed my thinking around trend, consumerism and fashion waste.

Interviews are always helpful for defining what's running around in my head and nailing it down on the page pulling and last week's Telegraph feature gave me the chance to do just that.

Of course I talked about issues of sustainability and how I choose clothes. There are cute little pictures of personal items I brought along to the shoot too. 

A couple of people have commented on my enjoyment of complimenting random-passers-by on their styling. Yes I've always used fashion as an ice-breaker, to lead to other more rewarding conversations. I find I don't notice physical appearance when I am enjoying pattern, colour or proportion or the way someone has put something together. Fashion can be a great equaliser because style is more arresting than looks.

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