Non-conformist Attitudes Rule


Increasingly, I am offered platforms to talk about media affects on self esteem.

At the Be You talks on Nov 30th I will be making clear points around the total importance of individual disruption to cultural attitudes on appearance and portrayal of appearance. (Being a Disruptive Fashion Lover is something I wrote about recently for i-D Magazine).

To audience members, I will re-iterate that the most subversive thing any of us can do in this environment is to age without self reproach and love our bodies and their unique physicality, unconditionally. As you all know I love my grey,  and I love my tribal elder status. I'm also excited to share the findings from my MSc study in psychology which looked at objectification in fashion imagery.

To young creatives in the audience in particular, I will remind them of their unique powers for disruption. The older I get the more sure I am about the huge contribution made by the arts and the creative world to counter-cultural thinking. It is our job to empower our young to challenge current attitudes.

THAT'S a BIG reason why I am attracted to working in university education with fashion students. It's a privilege to mentor and nurture non-conformist attitudes.


I'm sharing the platform with these amazing speakers so if you haven't already booked a place here is more information 

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