Talking in Tongues

A powerpoint presentation will help of course

My academic life is on the march and now that I have had confirmation that I will be presenting selected findings from my MSc study at a forthcoming British Psychological Association gathering on 29th June, I'm all a quiver!

Strange that! I've been public speaking for most of my 35 years in the fashion world. But this is different. Top psychologist Professor Constantine Sedikides - a Don in the world of 'self,' and 'identity,' with give a key address. I'll take note and try to fit in.  Firstly I know I can't cuss and vent...yup have done that before in front of many an audience - well lack of sustainability: emotional and physical, in fashion can get you that way. Secondly I have a very tight slot... I'll rephrase that. It's a short session and I have months and months of research to fit in. Thirdly I have to talk in tongues. Well... scientific explanations are required.


Although participants expressed a variety of opinions and preferences for model appearance and story-telling attributes to be presented further on in this section, all participants (n=6) registered (x=concept rejection) in relation to image: (10 *** strong sexual portrayal) as shown. This outcome although not generalisable, due to limitations pertaining to number of participants, could support an initial indication of sensitivity to objectification constructs.

And now I've bored myself and you but therein lies the challenge. Good images help and I will be paying careful attention to my speaker attire to keep audiences awake. A graffitied lab coat; multi-coloured and studded. 80's eyebrows aka Martine Houghton in early i-D days and some proper gelled hair maybe a quiff.

I'm only doing that for public academic appearances mind. As I write my book: Calling All Disruptive Fashion Lovers, the reason I began my MSc research as a natural extension to the work I have undertaking through out my career around body image and diversity ... I will wear daggy jeans and no make-up like everyone else!


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