Little Mistress the add campaign Caryn Franklin and jane galpin produced behind the scenes

Confidence and Cake


Little Mistress Screen

Yes I was thrilled to be involved in making an advert that has female self-confidence and self-belief at its heart. It was a campaign for the special occasionwear brand Little Mistress featuring the mischievous model Alejandra Welsh.

Gathering the team at Brilliant Productions (all ex Clothes Show family -  myself, Jane Galpin, Micci Billinger and including Ariane Poole and her daughter Electra Formosa our former intern now top stylist and Disney presenter) we got together to showcase the clothes of and award-winning brand featuring the sort of beautifully hand embellished, dramatic party openers that has given this company real leverage in the market place.

We created surreal, cake infested sets and conjured a woman who could fire up the party spirit and burn brightly...just for herself. Not yet aired, I'm delighted to say there is already excitement as reported by here media source The Drum.

It was lovely to be encouraged by the brand, headed up by chief executive Mark Ashton and overseen by creative director Lauren Pool, who loved our idea to show femininity as an internal beauty and alluring energy full of fun and mischief, not just a glamourous exterior with limited connection for the audience. Still, when all's said and done - it is only a 30 second advert and some might not even notice.

For those that do.. and feel emboldened by woman who can enjoy herself, celebrating her very female marvellousness at a party just for her... it's aired on Monday 16th June ITV2 and E4. Confidence and Cake...what's not to love!

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